Team Research Project (Final Report) Weight 15% of the final grade Due no later than 11:00 p.m. on Sunday of Unit 9 Objectives Upon successful completion of this assignment, students will have achieved the following: apply modeling theories to the decisions made by organizations through the review of the literature, and how these concepts apply to real-world problems and demonstrate understanding of course concepts by critiquing decisions and providing recommendations for the next steps. Brief Description Perform a literature review and prepare an implementation plan. Submission Instructions Continue from the initial report. Perform a literature review of the topic that you are studying. Find at least 5 articles relating to your chosen organization/industry/topic that helps in better understanding the IT situation in the chosen organization. The articles should preferably be peer-reviewed, however, articles from news reports and magazines are also acceptable. The key is to find specific details relating to your topic rather than discussing generic information Add the following sections to the initial report: Chosen Solution – Based on the literature review, readings, discussions, and other course material describe the IT solution implemented by the organization. Describe the techniques and systems that were implemented as part of solving the IT challenge identified in the initial report. 2. Implementation Plan – Based on the literature review, readings, and analysis of the organization, describe how the IT solution will be implemented by the organization. This section could discuss planning, purchase (or build), and implementation steps. Be as specific as possible Conclusions-Summarize the key takeaways and provide your insights into the IT challenge, solution, and implementation. This part of the report should not be more than 1000 words. The combined final report should not be more than 2000 words. It is important that the two parts form one cohesive report.
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