In a recent report, the top five most-visited English-language web sites were google. com (GOOG), (FB), (YT), (YAH), and (WIKI). The most-visited web sites for a sample of 50 Internet users are shown in the following table: YAH WIKI YT WIKI GOOG YT YAH GOOG GOOG GOOG WIKI GOOG YAH YAH YAH YAH YT GOOG YT YAH GOOG FB FB WIKI GOOG GOOG GOOG FB FB WIKI FB YAH YT YAH YAH YT GOOG YAH FB FB WIKI GOOG YAH WIKI WIKI YAH YT GOOG GOOG WIKI a. Are these data categorical or quantitative? b. Provide frequency and percent frequency distributions. c. On the basis of the sample, which web site is most frequently the most-often-visited web site for Internet users? Which is second?

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