Tom always loved the salt water taffy his parents bought while on summer vacations at the beach. His fond memories probably had something to do with his accepting a job with the Atlantic Candy Company as a marketing manager. Among other things, his new job involves assessing the mix of flavors in a box of taffy. He remembers saving the orange and green with red pieces for last because they were his favorites; however, the company has recent market research showing that his favorite flavors are not the most popular flavors with most other people. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and chocolate mint are the most popular flavors, followed by peppermint and licorice. Tom knows that most 1-lb boxes of Atlantic Candy Company taffy containing 64 pieces include 4 green with red pieces, 3 white with red peppermint pieces, 3 white with green peppermint pieces, 3 milk chocolate pieces with white and pink bull’s-eye centers, 2 milk chocolate with green peppermint pieces, 7 white pieces, 12 dark chocolate pieces, 9 orange pieces, 15 milk chocolate pieces, and 6 licorice pieces 1. What fraction of the pieces of taffy have chocolate in them? What fraction of the pieces are Tom’s favorite orange and green with red? 2. Does the Atlantic Candy Company assortment need to be adjusted to match most people’s taste preference better if the top five choices are considered? What fraction of the pieces in the Atlantic Candy Company 1-lb box are chocolate, peppermint, and licorice? Hint: If a piece falls in two categories, count it only once. 3. Based on the market research, Tom thinks it would be profitable to sell an assortment box that has double-size pieces of taffy in chocolate and peppermint in a special holiday gift box. If they use a ½-lb box how many pieces should they include? (1 regular-size pieces) 4. If they produce another 1/2-lb box containing an equal number of double-size milk chocolate taffy, chocolate-mint taffy, and peppermint taffy, how many pieces of each flavor will there be in this special gift box?


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