1) So, what do you think is the biggest change(s) of how customers “buy” over the last few years (including COVID and PRE-covid) in terms of the traditional linear consumer model in the text of Problem/Opportunity Recognition > Search > Evaluation of Alternatives > Buying Decision > Actual Purchase > Post Purchase Evaluation? You can simply select ONE or TWO of the linear model to discuss shifts. Has the Retail Market adjusted to this change? If so, why? If not, how can they?

2) Then, per consumer behavior, I always ask the following question(s)…let’s talk about a decision you made that was based on rules, and one that is somewhat irrational.

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…what I want for this second part of this DB… Tell us ONE decision that was rational and WHY and ONE decision that was irrational and WHY (be honest).

3) Lastly, lots of articles in the WSJ and New York Times recently about how commercial real estate is struggling given everyone is Door Dashing/ordering from Amazon and office space prices is plummeting in Manhattan due to working from home (which was happening pre-Covid with telecommuting to some extent, but not ANYTHING like the past year obviously), so HOW should primarily brick-and-mortar retailers adjust going forward as far as financial investment in their physical stores? Should they keep building new locations? If so, when does it makes sense? If not, should it be in drive-through/pick up OR should it be almost all their budgets into ONLINE/delivery, etc.?

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