Which of the following is a good example of a strong situation? A lunchtime conversation between people who have just met each other recently A party at which people are encouraged to do whatever they’d like to do An informal meeting without an agenda A fifth grade classroom, where the teacher has strict rules about student behavior In general, people with high self-esteem perform better in organizations. But which of the following are problems a manager might encounter when one of his employees has self-esteem that is too high? Check all that apply. The employee may seek out lower-level jobs to keep his or her self-esteem high. The employee may work too hard to find a way to improve performance after a failure. The employee may boast inappropriately about past successes. U The employee may not listen to the manager’s instructions. A describes a person’s likelihood of responding to a specific situation in a specific way. genetic marker Ide Jabels from the following table about the Big Five personality traits. trait disposition Trail Description


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