Derik and Danielle are dating and both 22 years old.

One evening Derik and Danielle get into a heated argument at Danielle’s apartment in Provo, Utah.

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During the argument, Danielle becomes furious at Derik, and screams at Derik that she is going to kill him.

30 seconds later, Danielle picks up a wooden chair and throws the chair at Derik.

When Danielle throws the chair, the chair is in the air for about 2 seconds. The chair then landed on Derik’s right leg and fractured his leg. Derik cannot move because his right leg is fractured.

Derik calls the police from his cell phone while lying on the floor.

Danielle has committed the following criminal offenses:

  1. Only BATTERY because there was actual physical contact between the chair thrown by Danielle and hitting Derik.
  2. Not ASSAULT because Danielle threw the chair at the same time she made the threat to kill Derik, and so only Battery.
  3. Attempted False Imprisonment because the chair landed on Derik, prohibiting Derik from moving by fracturing his leg and only assault.
  4. Assault and Battery
  5. None of the above


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