Aaron is driving his vehicle and is suddenly struck by another vehicle from behind. The driver in the other vehicle was traveling too fast and texting while driving when he ran into Aaron’s vehicle.

Aaron experiences severe whiplash to his neck and is placed in the hospital for 10 days. Aaron undergoes neck surgery and is unable to work for 1 month. Aaron also has medical expenses from his surgery and hospitalization.

After Aaron is released from the hospital, he sues the driver that hit him from behind for negligence.

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Aaron is seeking damages for the car accident including his medical expenses, lost wages and damages for his pain and suffering.

What are the legal terms for the damages Aaron is seeking?

  1. Punitive Damages and Compensatory Damages
  2. Compensatory Damages, Special Damages and Punitive Damages
  3. General Damages and Punitive Damages
  4. Compensatory Damages, Special Damages and General Damages

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