Scenario The Case theoretical framework is always useful for the analysis of the different organizations acting in the market. You are requiredto choose an organization in the industries given below: Case Must be relevant to Pakistani industries – Retail – Car Manufacturing – Airline – Fashion – Digital Products Your Task Your assignment is to prepare a marketing case, covering keys aspects of your industry or product chosen. The report has to be in your own words and must be 4500 words. Use of pictorial demonstration and quantifiable data would be appreciated. Feel are appropriate in the future. You need to analyses the existing marketing activity and synthesize the elements of the marketing mix for the future, be creative to propose a new marketing mix. Guidelines Please ensure that you reference material which you take from text books, published documents, internet, etc. in the main body of your report, as well as listing the publications in an appendix. Also, try to evaluate and critique this material and the experience you get from applying and using it.
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