XYZ is one of the leading corporations in Sultanate of OMAN; they are producing the Pizza food for the entire Muscat. On an average per day they have produced 10,000 pizzas but the demand forecasting is more than that, so they are planning to produce more pizza to satisfy the entire demand of the region. So they will implement the Halsey incentive plan because the employee are eager to produce more. As per the plan the fix the standard time to the employee is 25 hours to complete a standard output is 600 pizza and the hourly rate is 2.5 rials: Case: Ahamed Mohammed completed in 22 hours and Ali completed in 18 hours.


a. None of these option
b. Total 57.50 OMR
c. Mohamed 50.75 and Ali 5.75 OMR
d. Mohamed 57.75 and Ali 8.75 OMR
e. Mohamed 58.75 and Ali 8.75 OMR
f. Mohamed 58.75 and Ali 7.75 OMR
g. Mohamed 56.75 and Ali 7.75 OMR
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