Jeffrey Beck was recently promoted to the position of Marketing Manager for Hammer ‘N Tongs, the Thailand based subsidiary of Ocset, a UK based manufacturer of tradesman’s tools. Hammer N Tongs have been operating in Thailand since 1972. Their range of tradesman’s tools includes hammers, nails, saws, angle grinders, drills, and drill bits. Jeffrey grew up in the UK and worked for Ocset for 11 years before wing promoted to the position of Marketing Manager of Hammer Tongs. On arrival in Thailand, he was greeted with the challenge assisting his Bangkok based new product development team to produce a new range of hammers for the Asia Pacific market. All of Ocset’s products are manufactured in Thailand and distributed internationally via Hammer N Tong’s Bangkok manufacturing and distribution facility.
Hammer N Tongs has a strong reputation providing quality tradesman equìpment throughout South East Asia. Their two main segments are the do-it-yourself (DIY) handyman, and the commercial building market consisting of professional builders. Professional builders made up 80% of Hammer N Tong’s sales revenue but only 60% of their profit.
Hammer ‘N Tongs – Revenue and Profit by SegmentSegmentSales Revenue % (Asia)Profit % (Asia)DIY20for 4016080Profess
While Hammer ‘N Tongs enjoy a strong brand reputation in both segments of their market throughout South East Asia, they are not the leading brand by market share (sales revenue) in the region. That honor belongs to Canadian based StrongBuild Equipment.
Industry Market Share by Sales Revenue and Profit (South East Asia)S.E. Asia Market Share(profit)OrganizationCountry of O
Jeffrey had just walked out of his first meeting with his new product development team. The team had been working on a new range of hammers that were scheduled for released throughout South East Asia in 12 months. Retailers and building contractors had already been made aware of the pending arrival of the new hammer product range through Hammer ‘N Tong’s team of sales executives. This was the first time Hammer ‘N Tongs were releasing a new range of hammers onto the market worldwide in 11 years. The new product development team were at the business analysis stage of the new product development process and were looking to Jeffrey to guide them in determining the sales revenue, costs, market share, profits, and growth rate for the new product line. Specifically, they were seeking assistance with the pricing of the new range of hammers to both the DIY (retail) and building contractor (wholesale) segments.
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