The Classy Hand-Crafted Windows company has three employees and makes two kinds of windows: a wood-framed and an aluminum-framed window. The company earns $300 profit for each wood-framed window and $150 in profit for each aluminum-framed window. Doug makes the wood frames and can make 6 per day. Linda makes the aluminum frames and can make 4 per day. Bob forms and cuts the glass and can make 48 square feet of glass per day. Each wood-framed window uses 6 square feet of glass and each aluminum- framed window uses 8 square feet of glass. The company wishes to determine how many windows of each type to produce to maximize total profit. Question 4 2 pts Formulate a linear programming model for this problem. Clearly label all decision variables. Edit View Insert Format Tools Table 12pt Paragraph BIU AT? 0 Use the graphical method to solve this model. Clearly mark the feasible region and the optimal solution. You may use the following grid for plotting Grid.pdf Ensure your photo/scan is clear and legible! Upload Choose a File What is the maximum profit according to the optimal solution of the model?


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