Simulating a sampling distribution. The next table contains 50 random samples of random digits, y = 0, 1, 2, 3,…, 9, where the probabilities corresponding to the values of y are given by the formula p(y) = 1 10 . Each sample contains n = 6 measurements.

(a) Use the 300 random digits to construct a relative frequency distribution for the data. This relative frequency distribution should approximate p(y).

(b) Calculate the mean of the 300 digits. This will give an accurate estimate of μ (the mean of the population) and should be very near to E(y), which is 4.5.

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 (c) Calculate s2 for the 300 digits. This should be close to the variance of y, σ2 = 8.25

(d) Calculate y¯ for each of the 50 samples. Construct a relative frequency distribution for the sample means to see how close they lie to the mean of μ = 4.5. Calculate the mean and standard deviation of the 50 mean

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