Aspects covered in the FM course:

1) Planning/Strategy formulation: feasibility studies, strategy formulation, sourcing/procurement, service delivery, performance management, etc.

2) Sustainability: Sustainability/sustainable development, CSR

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3) Innovation

4) Technologies and systems employed: IT, Cleaning technology, Building systems (HVAC)

Each group needs to select ONE of the above four aspects of FM and summarize theoretical/practical implications for the hotel and/or hospitality industry. For this task, students need to select the most important aspect that group members believe is. Students should answer this question by considering the following guideline.

1) Theoretical implications relate to theoretical models as well as theoretical background (e.g., definitions, related studies, theories, etc.) you learned during the class. 2) Practical implications relate to real case examples and/or any recommendations for the hotel/hospitality industry in consideration of the chosen, one aspect. These recommendation(s) should be based on the theoretical implications presented above.

Can anyone help me with explaining the 3rd aspect “Innovation” please?

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