rephrase the below message and make it more professional:
Greetings from the ……………Human capital development deputyship was glad for your previous participation in its annual strategic workforce planning process. Your input had helped us design and provide supportive programs to enable the tourism sector to partially recover from the downturn of the industry caused by COVID pandemic.With an aim to further extend our support through tourism-focused employment, educational and training programs along with fully funded career fairs in the next three years, we invite you again to participate in our planning data collection process or revise your previous entries through the recently improved portal.All responses to our workforce planning will be always kept confidential and only aggregate statistical reports will be generated from survey’s results.Your input in this process is highly appreciated. Feel free to contact me or our representative Mr. ………………….. if you have questions.Please click here to participate ………………………….
Thank you

General Department
Human Capital Planning and Development

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