Business Law Question

Able, whose name was in the newspaper because he went into bankruptcy, was contacted by Baker who asked Able if he would like to make some money. When Able said yes, Baker told him that he wanted his wife killed and would pay Able to do the job. Able pretended to be interested but said that the job would have to be done by a professional killer. Able said that he had a contact with such a person, and after Baker gave Able his name and telephone number, Able called the police. Can Baker be convicted of a crime? Decide.

(B)Use the facts as described in part (A) above with this added information. After Able contacted the police, an undercover officer telephoned Baker, pretending to be a hired killer. Baker and the officer met, at which time Baker paid money to the officer to do the killing. Can Baker be convicted of a crime? Decide. (Post is due before 11:59 PM Friday.)

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