Qattous Inc. Management System

At Qattous Inc. in Jordan, the management ensures that the employees are always happy, at least during their working hours. So, the managers make sure that all the facilities are available to the employees.

One of the facilities that needed to be introduced is a vending machine that dispenses products at subsidized prices. The company decided to introduce three vending machines at each of its four branches in Jordan.

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The managers asked for a customized vending machine to make the employees happy that should work as follows:

When an employee wants to buy an item, s/he should smile for a camera in the vending machine. A message will appear to the employee saying, your smile is great today. Each item in the vending machine has a number. The employee enters the number of the items required in sequence, and the machine shows the entered numbers on a digital screen. Each number is two digits; once the employee enters the two digits, the digits disappear from the screen, and the machine is ready for another entry. When the employee finish entering the items s/he wants to buy, s/he presses on pay button. The machine should show the total price of the requested items and ask the user either to pay cash or by credit card. If cash, the machine may return the change if the entered amount exceeds the price of the items. When the employee finishes paying, the machine dispenses the bought items and sends a notification with these items for stock purposes. At any time before dispensing the items, if the employee made a mistake, s/he can cancel the order, and the machine will return to ready mode.

Qattous Inc. asked a software company to build a comprehensive management system to manage the vending machines and human resources. The system shall allow the managers to identify each vending machine through its id, location, and capacity of each item. The system shall be connected to the vending machines, so it should notify the managers when a vending machine requires a refill with a specific item or more.

The system also shall be connected to a fingerprint scanner. When the employee enters the company door, s/he uses the scanner to scan his/her fingerprint to register their entrance. Similarly, the employee must scan his/her fingerprint to register their exit. The employee must spend 8 hours at work within the 24 hours of the day. The system collects the time fragments of entrances and exits at the end of the day. If the working hours’ count is 8 hours or close to it, there will be no action. If the count is higher than 8 hours, overtime must be calculated for the employee. If less, the direct supervisor of the employee will be notified by automatic email from the system. The supervisor calls the general manager and discusses the notification problem. Based on the conversation with the general manager, the supervisor can use the system to either deduct from the employee’s salary or not.

The system shall allow the HR manager and staff members to create an account for a new employee, suspend a current employee account, fill in employee details and edit employee data. The general manager may call the HR manager on the phone asking him to raise an employee’s salary through the system. HR staff members do not have such privilege. For a day vacation or emergency leave, the employee may call any HR staff member or the manager and ask him/her to consider a day as vacation or the leave as emergency leave.

To make Qattous Inc. a better place to work, the company implemented a small 24 gym on one of the company floors. The gym is small, enough for 15 employees at the same time. Based on that, the employee who wants to visit the gym at any time during the day should book a time slot. The management system shall allow the user to book a time slot. Each time slot is 1 hour. The employee can book up to two consecutive slots and up to 4 slots per day. The employee can use the system to book one or more slots in the gym. The gym has a supervisor to maintain it clean and operational. The employee, if booked a time slot, cannot edit or remove it. S/he should phone call the supervisor to edit or delete it for him/her using the system. The system allows the gym supervisor to enter notes about any required maintenance for a machine or anything else in the gym. The maintenance team manager reads these notes from the system. He and his staff check the damages, report to the finance department through the system, and conduct the required maintenance. The manager uses the system to enter a description of the conducted maintenance. If the employee booked a two-hour time slot at the gym during working hours, his/her leave is considered only one hour.

In the light of the above case study, analyze and design the following:

Design a suitable State Machine Diagram for using the vending machine.

Draw a suitable Use Case Diagram for the comprehensive Qattous Inc. management system to be built

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