Which one of the following choices would you choose in managing poor employee performance, and explain why in detail:

A. Doing nothing is always an option worth considering. Clearly, there is always some risk in

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taking action to improve someone’s performance.

B. There are plenty of ways to get rid of a poor performance: formal dismissal, redundancy,

sideways moves, ‘special’ projects, making life so uncomfortable that the person resigns

(but beware the risk of ‘constructive dismissal’), to mention but a few.

C. Telling a poor performer that they must improve is a tempting, straightforward option.

D. Persuading someone to improve their performance is an option worth trying.

E. Training is an option that may well be helpful if the poor performers accept the need.

F. Performance is sometimes a product not just of the person, but also of the circumstances, and environment. Changing the situation in order to bring about performance improvements is an option worth considering.

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