You are assigned as a project manager for UMBike Project. This project’s mission is to build a bicycle. Create a work breakdown structure (WBS) for this project. You are required to identify all of the major components and provide three levels of detail. (5 marks) Com (b) Based on the WBS which you have created in (a), however, during the half way of the project, your client requires a scope change, i.e. to have a lightweight and foldable bicycle for easy carry. As the project manager, suggest two additional sub- deliverables to fulfil the scope required. (2 marks) (c) Provided that the Project Change Request above has been approved by the Change Control Body of your organization, and if the project has the following priority scenarios: Scope-constrain, • Cost-accept, • Time-enhance As the project manager, briefly describe what would you do to ensure the success completion of the project? (3 marks)
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