The stage in consumer decision making whereby a consumer searches for information is called __________________ stage.

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Select one:

A. Evaluation of Alternatives

B. Outcomes

C. Problem Recognition

D. Product Choice

E. Information Search


All of the following are characteristics of focus groups EXCEPT:

Select one:

A. Always taped or videotaped to assist analysis

B. Often held in front of two-way mirrors

C. 8 to 10 Participants

D. Online focus groups are growing

E. Duration of 30 hours


________________ is the specific attributes, qualities, factors and mannerisms that can differentiate one individual from another individual.

Select one:

A. Psychology

B. Environment

C. Thinking

D. Personality

E. Influence


All of the following items are examples of external secondary data EXCEPT:

Select one:

A. Internal E-mails

B. Syndicated Market Research

C. Consumer Panels

D. Government Secondary Data

E. Periodicals


When a consumer can associate and hold a brand with a certain level of uniqueness and memory, this is called ____________________.

Select one:

A. complementary products

B. brand marketing

C. brand equity

D. brand lifestyle

E. brand action


When marketers study the consumers’ lifestyles, including their activities, interests and opinions, marketers are studying their _________________.

Select one:

a. geo-demographics

b. psychographics

c. demographics

d. personality

e. geographics


The demographic variables of a coffee drinker include all the factors below EXCEPT:

Select one:

A. race

B. age

C. locations

D. marital status

E. gender


The process that involves defining the market, buyers, and determining the preferred combination of attributes is called _______________.

Select one:

A. researching

B. perception

C. segmentation

D. targeting

E. positioning


The four steps in the decision-making process include all of the following EXCEPT:

Select one:

A. Product Choice

B. Information Search

C. Evaluation of Alternatives

D. Evaluate the Environment

E. Problem Recognition


Human motivation can be based on physiological needs. This can include the need for __________________.

Select one:

A. stability

B. prestige

C. self-esteem

D. food

E. status


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