Wilson’s black German Shepherd, Hannah, gave birth to five puppies three months ago. He planned to sell each puppy for $5,000. He placed an advertisement in the newspapers. His 25-year-old nephew, Tim, saw the advertisement and immediately called Wilson to say that he would like to see the puppies before deciding on whether or not to purchase one. Wilson told him to come to his house that evening. After viewing the puppies, Tim asked Wilson if he would consider selling one of the puppies for $2,500. Wilson said that he would not sell any puppy for less than $5,000 as they were thoroughbred puppies. Tim said he needed a day to consider Wilson’s price. Wilson told him that if he agreed to buy a puppy, he should send him a Whats App message within the next two days. The next day, Tim sent Wilson an email saying that he will purchase one of the puppies for $5,000. However, Wilson seldom checks his email or even uses his laptop, and thus never sees Tim’s email. After the second day, on the third day, when Wilson received no Whats App message from Tim, Wilson sold all five puppies to neighbours for $5,000 each. When Tim came by to Wilson’s house to collect and pay for one of the puppies, he was surprised to hear that Wilson had sold all of them off. Discuss the legal positions of Wilson and Tim under the Law of Contract.


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