Logajob is a technology development social enterprise that was started in Melbourne by Bihn Nguyen only two years ago. While Bihn does not have a technical background, she saw a growing need in her local community for vulnerable people to be able to more easily access a range of home support services that enable them to live safely and with dignity in their own homes. Bihn recruited a small team of software designers to develop a website and smartphone app that would enable registered clients to find and contact a suitable service provider to carry out a particular task for them. Logajob’s clients are often elderly, injured and/or have physical or intellectual disabilities, and need help with various small tasks and ‘odd jobs’ around their homes. Registered clients are able to post the ‘job’ on the Logajob website – jobs such as mowing the lawn, fixing a window or a door, walking their dog or setting up their Wi-Fi connection, and service providers, who have registered and been approved by the Logajob team, are then able to view the job posts and contact the client (through Logajob) to accept, or ‘log’ the job. The agility, security and reliability of the Logajob platform has become very popular with both clients and service providers in Australia, and the company has been very successful in working collaboratively with various government agencies and support programs (such as the Department of Health and Community Services) that also engage with Logajob clients. As a result, Logajob has overtaken other web-based platforms such as Gumtree and Facebook in connecting this client group with service providers. The Logajob model has been very successful in the Australian context and the company is now looking to continue its growth by expanding their business into the global marketplace. While Bihn was initially focussing on expansion into countries in the Asia/Pacific region, she has also been approached by the Government of South Africa to establish a presence there.

Questions: To assist Bihn to develop the best strategy for Logajob’s international expansion, you need to prepare a 3-4 page document that explores the following questions: 1. What do you see as being the best global business strategy for Logajob? Give reasons for why you see this as being the model that best fits Logajob’s needs. 2. Which of the market entry modes would you recommend to Bihn? Why? What are the potential benefits and risks for the company adopting this approach? 3. Into which countries would you recommend Logajob should enter first? Give reasons for your recommendations.

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