A Degree for Meter Readers Judy Anderson was assigned as a recruiter for South Illinois Electric served by the company, finds the gas or electric meter, and electro Company (SIE), a small supplier of natural gas and electricity for Cairo, cally records its current reading. If the meter has been tampered linois, and the surrounding area. The company had been expanding rapidly, and this growth was expected to continue. In January 2014 it is reported. Otherwise, no decision making of any consequeno SIE purchased the utilities system serving neighboring Mitchell County associated with the job. The reader performs no calculations . The This expansion concerned Judy. The company workforce had increased was 510.00 per hour, high for unskilled work in the area by 30 percent the previous year, and Judy had struggled to recruit had been having considerable difficulty keeping the 37 meter positions filled enough qualified job applicants. She knew that new expansion would intensify the problem Judy was thinking about how to attract more job acor when she received a call from the HR director, Sam McCord Judy was particularly concerned about meter readers. The tasks required in meter reading are relatively simple. A person drives to homes Sam said, “I’m unhappy with the job specification calling for one high school education for meter readers in planning for the future CHAPTER 4. STRATEGIC PLANNING, HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING, AND JOB ANALYSIS 107 need better-educated people in the company. I’ve decided to change the education requirement for the meter reader job from a high school 25. studio there be omnium Questis on requirement for the diploma to a college degree.” “But, Mr. McCord,” protested Judy. “the company is growing rap- matar.coader jobDiscus Idy If we are to have enough people to fill those jobs we just can’t 424. What is your opinion of Soms effort to upgrade the people in the organisation insist that college graduates get paid to do such basic tasks. I don’t see ramification should-Sem terre considered how we can meet our future needs for this job with such an unrealistic 4-26. Based on the information provided in this incident, what tasks job qualification.” would likely be included in the “Duties Performed” section? Sam terminated the conversation abruptly by saying. “No, I don’t How would this affect the job specification section? agree. We need to upgrade all the people in our organization. This is just part of a general effort to do that. Anyway, I cleared this with the president before I decided to do it.”


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