Billy, a 22-year part-time Grab food delivery rider, was riding his bicycle at a very high speed while making a delivery. While riding and making a turn round a block of flats, he received a text message on his cell phone, which was attached to a cell phone holder on the bike’s handle. While reading the message as he made the turn, he did not see a senior citizen, Mrs Celia Shepherdson, walking with a walking stick on the path in front of him. He hit her walking stick at high speed, causing her to fall on her face. She sustained injuries on her face and, due to her age, also sustained several cracked ribs as the result of the fall. Taken to hospital in a serious condition, her husband, Mr Martin Shepherdson, now wishes to commence action against Billy for his negligence. Advise Billy on the possibility of Mr Shepherdson succeeding in his action against him.
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