Think about a time where you have had to implement change as part as an organizational strategy or a time when you were in the “receiver” end of a change implementation strategy.

Make sure you give a background for the case, and then explore, evaluate and propose. EXPLORE the scope of the change, what areas affected, what was implied, what where the consequences of not implementing the change effectively (if known, if you did not have the whole view, you can give your perception and 20/20 recap); EVALUATE. Was the strategy effective? Taking into consideration what we have studied, was the implementation team following a specific strategy, did they have a “management theory” as a framework to the way they approached the change? ; PROPOSE, to you understanding, what was missing, what could have done different, what could have been the different results.

Please take your time to really get in depth of the theoretical framework that you have been reviewing and write a minimum of 500 words

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As always, do not copy verbatim, make sure you use references and at least 2 outside the textbook.

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