The influence of business logistics – supply chain integration on technological innovation performance for efficiency in manufacturing sector

Supply chain and business logistics Integration has emerged as a major field of interest over the years that involve the strategic alignment of functions and processes within an organization. However, there have been major debates regarding the true design of the kinds of integration that would lead to performance of business logistics, supply chains and innovation by means of technology and other aspects.

New technology is transforming daily business processes for many in business logistics and supply chain management. The need for real-time tracking and accurate delivery systems makes supply chain management ripe for technological innovation — and mobile, wireless, handheld technology is leading the way throughout the logistics and transportation sectors.

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With the ever-changing aspect of technology, keeping up with new capabilities and best practices can be difficult for companies who have deep investments in older technology – it is a never-ending process. Although transitions take time, leveraging new technologies is key in this competitive industry.

Discuss the constructs of integration (customer, supplier, internal and information integration) to see how they would lead to improved supply chain performance (such as production flexibility, inventory turns, order fulfilment rate, total logistics costs, and operational performance).

Areas to discuss:
Drivers of supply chain integration

Role of technological integration in supply chain and logistics

Benefits and barriers to supply chain and logistics integration

Measures of supply chain and logistics integration

Impact of supply chain and logistics integration on performance and efficiency
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