.Compare the risk levels of described hazards and prioritize them accordingly: Case 1- Two technicians are assigned to check and fix the wires in a confined space on a monthly basis. They have the confined space permit, but are not confident about the mechanical, chemical, or entrapment conditions inside. Their job takes approximately one hour and they wear appropriate PPEs while working. Case 2- Group of five graduate students work in the chemistry and biochemistry laboratory under supervision of a research advisor at MTSU. They run experiments on a new technique using new synthetic materials four days per week for six months. They have not received formal training for working with new techniques/material. It is assumed that senior graduate students will pass the information to newer group members. There is no hazard evaluation guidance in the research lab. The advisor has verbally discussed the safety cautions regarding the new techniques and materials. Explosive and flammable chemicals are used in the lab.
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