The time during which safety stock must protect against running out of stock is known as the ________.

Group of answer choices

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A, Protection interval

B. Prediction interval

C. Confidence interval

D. Demand interval

Cycle-service interval


The total annual inventory cost will be minimized when the holding cost is equal to what?

Group of answer choices

A. The safety stock

B. The inventory position cost

C. The ordering cost

D. The annual demand

E. The EOQ amount


Which of the following is generally not a reason to carry inventory?

Group of answer choices

A. To minimize setup and ordering cost

B. To maximize labor and equipment utilization

C. To minimize customer service levels

D. To minimize the cost of materials

E. To minimize transportation costs


Which of the following is not a component of total inventory cost?

Group of answer choices

A. Ordering cost

B. Inventory position

C. Overhead cost

D. Order quantity

E. Annual demand


Which of the following types of inventory is used to improve customer service and reduce stockouts resulting from unpredictable changes in demand, lead time, or supply?

Group of answer choices

A. Safety stock inventory

B. Cycle inventory

C. Remanufactured inventory

D. Anticipation inventory

E. Pipeline inventory

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