i) International trade stakeholders

For example (but not limited to), describe how sustainability issues may have affected selection of suppliers for materials (marked out of 8 points) and selection of suppliers for transportation services (marked out of 8 points) before the pandemic and during the pandemic.

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ii) Risk management

Assume your company is located in Kitchener, Ontario Canada and you import consumer products from manufacturers in Asia. Describe the impact of the pandemic on your risk management strategies pertaining to communications with customers (marked out of 5 points), personnel (marked out of 5 points), transportation of dangerous goods (marked out of 5 points) and security tactics (marked out 5 points).

iii) The circular economy

Describe how the pandemic may have affected a company’s’ ability to maintain a circular supply chain for reusing/recycling products (marked out of 10 points) and the impact of the pandemic on the first two steps of the ReSOLVE framework: REgenerate (marked out of 7 points) and Share (marked out of 7 points).


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