Workplace bullying and intention to leave. Refer to the Human Resource Management Journal (October 2008) study of workplace bullying, Exercise 2. Recall that the researchers employed multiple regression to model a bullying victim’s intention to leave the firm (y) as a function of level o f bullying (measured on a 50 poin t sc-ale) and perceived organizational support (measured as ‘‘low,’’ ‘‘neutral,’’ or ‘‘high’’).

(a) Write a complete second-order model for E(y) as a function of the independent variables.

(b) In terms of the β’s in the model, part a, give the mean value of intention to leave for a victim who reports a bullying level of 25 points and who perceives organizational support as low.

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(c) How would you test whether the terms in the model that allow for a curvilinear relationship between intent to leave and level of bullying are statistically useful?

(d) Write a first-order model for E(y) as a function of the independent variables that incorporates interaction.

 (e) Refer to the model, part d. Demonstrate that the model graphs out as three nonparallel straight lines, one line for each level of perceived organizational support. As part of your answer, give the slope of each line in terms of the β’s.

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