1. Search for a Job Description for any type of job (preferably a job that you find interesting, or a job that you currently hold, or even one that you hope to perform one day). Please provide me the link of the Job Description that you have searched.
  2. Using the list on page 188 and the sample job description provided in Toolkit 4.2 on page 120 as guidelines, analyze this job description by answering the following questions:
    1. What does the job description that you found do well in terms of the best practices and guidelines provided in Chapter 4: Defining, Analyzing, and Designing the Work? Provide as many examples as possible.
    2. In what ways can the job description that you found could be improved, based on the best practices and guidelines provided in Chapter 4? Provide as many examples as possible.
  3. How would YOU empower employees in this job (your chosen job description), especially during a global pandemic like Covid-19?

Thank you so much for helping me!



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Plumage Games

Job: Manager, Retail Operations

Reports To: Director, Retail Operations

Date: February 1, 2019

Written By: Hank Rovers, HR Analyst

Approved By: Helen Richards, HR Director & Lola Mercer, Director Retail Operations


The manager, retail operations, is responsible for all aspects of retail operations for game nights and events. The manager ensures that the store, booths, and kiosks are staffed with well-trained sales and service professionals and are visually attractive, with appropriate merchandise for the customer environment. Although staff development, sales, and service are primary focus areas, administrative activities, such as payroll and scheduling, are also part of this role.


People Management

  1. Recruit, train, motivate, and develop a professional and knowledgeable part-time and on-call service and sales workforce.

  2. Coach and communicate with employees in a fair and consistent manner (e.g., mentoring sessions, performance evaluations).

  3. Work closely with senior retail management and human resources regarding disciplinary and other sensitive employee issues.

  4. Identify and implement employee recognition and incentive programs.

  5. Ensure that staff are trained in all key areas of the business.

Business Management

  1. Ensure that selling areas are open for business on time and are clean and visually attractive.

  2. Identify opportunities for increasing revenue.

  3. Create sales and promotional programs.

  4. Work with marketing staff regarding event details, such as expected attendance levels, merchandise deals, internal and external event contacts.

  5. Produce sales reports.


  1. Schedule staff in a transparent, fair, and consistent manner

  2. Input payroll information into a payroll time-management system

  3. Monitor payroll against budget and sales

  4. Develop and maintain an employee manual


  1. Four to 6 years’ retail experience, with at least 2 years’ management experience.

  2. Degree or diploma in business administration or related field.

  3. Excellent leadership skills with the ability to coach, mentor, and motivate a sales service team.

  4. Excellent communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills.

  5. A solid understanding of the business and customer environment.

  6. Must be able to identify and implement new business opportunities and promotions.

  7. Flexible and adaptable.

  8. Computer-literate, with a working knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel, point-of-sale software, and electronic mail systems.

  9. Must be able to work evenings and weekends.


  1. Meets on a weekly basis with all staff to review sales results.

  2. Orients new staff during the first shift on customer-service requirements.

  3. Meets or exceeds monthly sales targets.

  4. Submits sales data within 24 hours of each event.

  5. Trains staff on any new procedures within 1 week of hiring.

  6. Keeps customer satisfaction levels at 80% or above.

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