The HR department at Advanced Hero collects one-, three-, and six-month surveys from new hires to better understand their progress and their perspective of the company. During the most recent review, some early administrative concerns surfaced regarding benefits setup, payroll confusion, and questions of locating the employee handbook. How can the HR department find a solution to the issues presented in this feedback?

  • O Offer more self-learning modules so that new hires learn things on their own, as opposed to instructor-led courses.
  • O Provide a more thorough onboarding experience that covers systematic processes and issues over a longer period of three to 18 months.
  • O Provide a more thorough orientation overview that covers basic employment-related details to help the new hires get a better start.
  • O Select better culture ambassadors that are assigned to new hires. These ambassadors provide the guidance and the answers that new hires need.


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