For this week, you will identify how each task or activity presented in the Week 3 assignment (work breakdown schedule) will be measured for completeness and quality. It will be important to ensure the task execution is aligned with project goals and technical requirements (both hardware and software considerations or criteria) and can meet the expected outcome.
Remember also to incorporate any of your professor’s feedback into your document.
Using the table shown below (you can develop your own), you will identify how each task or activity could be measured.
You will start by defining the KPIs:

Create a table in Word, where you will define at least five metric elements or KPIs for performance measurement and project’s status or progress. For each KPI, include a definition and a purpose, and identify which existing systems or data will be used as its source or organization reference. A sample table is provided in your weekly resources. You could add more columns or descriptions if needed.

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After your metrics have been identified and measured, you will continue defining the progress reporting tool to use. It could be tables, statistical analysis, charts, graphs, or dashboards. An example of a progress report format is provided below:

Figure 5. Dashboard report. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution.

After completing the table, discuss how you would design and implement a performance reporting system that automates the data collection process to enable the project manager to focus on the analysis and progress report. This evaluation can include recommendations of software tools to use for business intelligence reporting, like Power BI. Use these questions as a basis for your development:

What are the expected goals for the performance measures processes to be conducted?

What are the most suitable reporting tools to include and insert as part of the strategic implementation plan?

What system architecture and user interface (UI) design criteria would you consider when creating a KPI reporting system and why?

Are there specific hardware or network requirements to be considered as part of the quality and/or performance evaluations?

How would you introduce the new system to users and stakeholders of your organization? This may include presentations, training sessions, manuals, etc.

What is the proposed frequency of the performance evaluation process?

Who are the responsible team members or officers to conduct these performance measures or quality evaluations?

Length: The new content must be of 4-6 pages (not including title and reference pages). The second file to be submitted is the Gantt chart file, network diagrams or other diagrams developed as part of the statement of work
References: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly references

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