Direction: Read carefully before you answer the question. XYZ Company is manufacturing antistatic tubes and is supplying these products in many semiconductor companies. Mr Ely is the head of the packaging department for the last 10 years. Just recently, a new guy named Mr Ed of the Quality Assurance has been assigned in the packaging department. Mr Ely disliked the fact that Mr Ed is always moving around the area and thinks that he is trying to find a mistake. Mr Ed, being the soft spoken one is able to develop rapport with the packaging operators. On one shift, while moving around, Mr Ed saw that the documentation of the packaging lacks few data which are very important. He called the attention of Mr Ely, and in an instance, Mr Ely’s voice can be heard all over the area. Mr Ely, who was embarrassed, filed a complaint with the HR Department. Analyze the situation, identify the problem and recommend actions to fix the issue between the two gentlemen.

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