Shelter Insurance had 1,200 employees on January 1, and 1,400 employees on June 30. During this 6-month period, eighty-six (86) employees left the company. What is their estimated annualized turnover rate YTD? 6.6% 6.9% ? 13.2% D none of the above 23 The direct cost of turnover includes various expenses such as: A relocating the new hire to the job location B lost productivity during the vacancy C A and B D neither Anor B 24 Self-directed work teams are a small group of carefully selected trained and empowered employees who basically run themselves with little to no outside supervision. These teams are empowered to: A formulate and track their own budget Bhandle quality control and inspection C A and B D neither Anor B involves establishing and maintaining a positive employee-employer relationships that contribute to satisfactory productivity, motivation, morale and discipline. A employee relations B fair treatment Csocial responsibility D organizational climate 25


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