Amanda attends your neighbourhood women’s house and tells you she needs assistance dealing with her unstable home situation with her partner. Whilst undertaking an assessment you notice Amanda has bandaged her left wrist and appears to be in the early stages of pregnancy. Upon further investigation, it appears Amanda has other injuries consistent with blunt trauma to the head, torso and legs.

During the interview, Amanda tells you that her partner is mainly passive, but he can get quite verbally aggressive when he is upset or angry. When you question her if he is aggressive towards her in other ways, she hesitantly replies that he occasionally would push or shove her around. She is resistant to disclose how she sustained her specific injuries.

Amanda has a six-year old daughter who has been referred by a nurse and was found to be anaemic and listless.

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Amanda has support from a cousin who lives two hours away and who has asked her to visit for a while. She does not have immediately family or close friends nearby as they have just moved to the area in the last year.

Amanda prefers to stay with her partner and asks you to refer him to an anger management specialist. She is currently unemployed and relies on her partner to support their family.

There is no record of any violence or domestic dispute.

Required Evidence

Q. What are the indicators of risk or threats to safety?

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