You work for ABC Logistics Company. Jane Wolter, your staff assistant, is overwhelmed with work. She has been asking for help. She has been unable to go on vacation because there is no one available to cover the office if she left. Supply orders are delayed, some messages remain unanswered, and filing is piling up because she is prioritizing budgets, payroll, and phones.

You just secured funding to hire a second assistant within the next month. This means Jane will have the help she needs. Backlogs will disappear, productivity will increase, and she can finally go on that long-awaited vacation.

Send an email to inform Jane that she will get the help she needs.

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Use email format:

To: Jane Wolter (

Re: Your name here

Introduction: state your purpose

Body: use bullets if you need to, include relevant information

Conclusion: summarize, invite inquiry


Your name

Remember the message is not about you. It is about getting Jane the help she needs.

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