UNIQLO is a clothing manufacturer and retailer with over 800 stores in Japan and nearly 1,400 stores in other countries. Its casual styles are priced inexpensively, with many items made from innovative fabrics. Some aspects of UNIQLO’s strategy appear to be in line with Porter’s differentiation strategy, while others are more aligned with overall cost leadership. If UNIQLO decided to direct its marketing toward people between the ages of 16 and 30, it would be using a focus strategy. Consider the four types of strategies in the Miles and Snow Typology and then choose the best answer.

UNIQLO tries to monitor its competitors’ actions, but notices that one of these competitors seems to shift strategies often and does not anticipate trends in the environment. Which type of strategy does the competitor appear to have?

– Prospector

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O Reactor

O Analyzer

O Defender
UNIQLO has had strong demand for its products and it entered the growth stage quickly. Which of the following challenges is most common during this stage?
O Depleting old inventories
O Lowering prices
-Managing inventories
– Conducting new product research
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