The Walt Disney Company has cultivated one of the most admired and respected brands in the world. As the company has grown from a small animation studio operating out of Roy and Walt’s uncle’s garage to a worldwide media and entertainment conglomerate, successful brand management has been their greatest achievement.

Discuss what you think have been some of the most significant brand extensions Disney has engaged and how these extensions have supported the other products and divisions of the firm.

For your assignment you may select one of the following topics:

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1) You should identify one brand or product extension such ESPN, WDW, etc. and discuss its value individually and how this supports the overall brand and image.

2) You may select one of Disney’s acquisitions such as Pixar, Marvel or LucasFilm and discuss how this has been a positive or negative strategic move AND how this fits into the Disney model and meets needs of their customer base.

You must reference three cites AND limit the assignment to 2 pages 1000words (without references).

Entertainment Marketing. Due on the 15thJune 2021:pls find a solution.

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