Place of purchase on the Internet


To illustrate the concept of representation and reach on the Internet.

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For the same sector as you selected in Activity 5.2, find out which company has the best reach in terms of numbers of links from other sites. Go to a search engine such as Google and use the advanced search to find the number of sites that link to that site. Alternatively use the syntax: link:URL in the search box.

Activity 5.2

Assessing options online to vary product using the Internet


To illustrate the options for varying the product element of the marketing mix online.


Select one of the sectors below. Use a search engine to find three competitors with similar product offerings. List ways in which each has used the Internet to vary its core and extended product. Which of the companies do you think makes best use of the Internet?

● Computer manufacturers

● Management consultants

● Children’s toy sector

● Higher education.

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