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The Need for Moral and Ethical Development Among Healthcare Workers
Read the course scenario and consider the overall moral and ethical failures of the healthcare staff at St. Michael’s Medical Center. In particular, pay close attention to the cases highlighted in the scenario. You are now hired as the new chief executive officer (CEO) with risk management background. You have decided that the best way to handle this task is to first build up the moral and ethical foundation of your employees relative to the workplace environment. You are aware that employees have different moral and ethical values, but your intention is to have them develop the proper professional ethical behavior in the workplace.
Prepare a 3-page outline for a 3-day mandatory training for staff. Cite 3 academic sources in your notes outline.
In your notes, please address the following items:
Day 1

The basic principles of ethics to address healthcare dilemma

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The importance of these basic principles of healthcare ethics to employees in the workplace

Day 2

The use of the following three principles of ethical reasoning and decision making to address healthcare dilemmas:

Contemporary consequence-oriented principles

Duty-oriented principles

Virtue ethics reasoning

Day 3

Compare the needs- and value-based theories and the role played in developing and shaping ethical behavior in individuals in a hospital

(Short exercise) Use the scenario to answer this question: How do you ensure that your employees are on the same page regarding responses to ethical issues on the job?

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