He gave Sal a deposit of $ 100 and Sal agreed to make the delivery in a few hours and pick up the balance due of $ 100 a few days later. Five days later, Bill rang Jim’s doorbell and related he was there to pick up the balance due Sal’s Italian Restaurant. Jim wrote a check “Pay to Sal’s Italian Restaurant $100” and tendered the check to Bill. Later, Bill changed the amount on the check to $1,100 and tendered it to Marcy in exchange for various goods. Marcy took in good faith and without notice. Marcy tendered the check to Joan for a deposit on a trip to Florida. Joan tendered the check to Robert after he partially completed painting her apartment. She endorsed: “Pay to Robert. Without Recourse. Joan”. Six days after Jim’s birthday party, Sal arrived at his apartment to request the balance due. Jim explained that he paid. Sal insisted no one had the authority to collect money for his restaurant except him. On hearing this, Jim called his bank, Citi Bank, and demanded that it stop payment. Later, when Robert appeared at Citi Bank to cash the check, the Bank declined to honor the check. Robert consults you about his rights and the rights of all parties. DISCUSS.


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