When patients suffered from hemorrhagic fever, M*A*S*H doctors replaced lost sodium by administering a saline solution intravenously. However, headquarters (HQ) sent a treatment change disallowing the saline solution. With a patient in shock and near death from a disastrously low sodium level, B. J. Hunnicut wanted to administer a low-sodium-concentration saline solution as a last-ditch attempt to save the patient. Colonel Potter looked at B. J. and Hawkeye and summed up the situation. “O.K., let’s get this straight. If we go by the new directive from HQ and don’t administer saline to replace the sodium, our boy will die for sure. If we try B. J.’s idea, then he may survive, and we’ll know how to treat the next two patients who are getting worse. If we try it and he doesn’t make it, we’re in trouble with HQ and may get court-martialed. I say we have no choice. Let’s try it.” (Source: “Mr. and Mrs. Who.” Written by Ronny Graham, directed by Burt Metcalfe, 1980.)

Structure the doctors’ decision. What are their objectives? What risks do they face? Draw a decision tree for their decision.

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