On 3 August 2004, Guljee contracted with Village Restaurant that they will pay him Rs 2,000/00 per month per paintings will be replaced every month with other paintings. On 10 November 2005, there is an accidental fire painting which he lets them display at their restaurant. The contract is for five years and it is agreed that 30 at the restaurant and the whole place is burned along with all the antique paintings. Guljee is trying to recover damages from the owners of the restaurant.

i. What kind of contract exists between the restaurant and Mr Guljee? Elaborate in detail.

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ii. If the fire was not due to anyone’s fault, will the restaurant responsible to pay damages to Mr Guljee? Give details of your answer.

In the above scenario what would have been your answer if the restaurant was displaying the paintings even after contract had been expired and Guljee had been asking back his assets?


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