During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bahçesehir University, like many universities around the globe, continued its education services with distance education methods. You, as students, have experienced various classes online. As we discussed in the class, use of information technology has created many ethical and security issues. Consider your experiences during the online learnings and answer the following questions accordingly:

Briefly evaluate the ethical issues that can be raised by conducting courses online or using distance education methods. You should discuss at least four issues.

Pick one of the issues you described in part a) and evaluate it using “Act Utilitarianism” ethical theory.

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Briefly evaluate the information security issues that may arise regarding the distance education. In your answer mention about what the security threats are” and “what the vulnerabilities are”. Identify (i.e., write down) at least four information security risks. What are the consequences of these risks?

Do you think that there is a privacy risk? Why or Why not? Briefly discuss. (p.s. you are required to cite any references/resources you used while answering this question)
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