(all assignment should be based on sportswear business)
(please choose sportswear business)
Introduction paragraph.
Startup Requirements
Create a Cash and Materials worksheet that lists all the assets you will need to open the business. Include things like rent, inventory, utilities, office supplies, prepaid expenses like insurance or licenses, and the cash you need in your bank account. Attach this chart to your plan as an appendix.Create an Equipment Needs worksheet based on your Cash and Materials list. Assign a value to the resources you already have or a price for the items you need. Attach this chart to your plan as an appendix.Owner’s Investment
Breifly explain how much you, your partners, and any other investors are contributing to the start of the business. Include any expenses you have already paid and the value of things you already own (ash, equipment, or materials) that will be used exclusively for the business but do not include any borrowed money.Borrowed Money
Indicate any money your business will borrow. Include the lenders, interest rates, repayment terms, and any collateral required. You can estimate this amount in a first draft, then revise it after the balance sheet, and again after the cash flow is calculated.Cash Flow
Prepare a Cash Flow statement with projected income for the first three years of business, broken down by month. Attach this chart to your plan as an appendix.


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