You are the owner of a small tax accounting firm. You employ a hand full of employees and lease a small 1000 sq. foot office in a retail mall space which also houses a combination of professional, retail, and restaurant businesses. You have not really considered IT security in the past until you read about a big security breach in the local newspaper. You want to protect your business assets at an affordable cost. What are your options?

Office Physical Infrastructure

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  • Re-enforced steel door leading to the alleyway at the back of the suite
  • 10 foot high windows lining the front of your suite with a full glass door.
  • Several offices in the suite, along with a large common working space.

Your Current IT Infrastructure

  • Accounting software shared throughout the office amongst the employees. Set-up and maintained by an IT administrator you pay on an as-needed basis.
  • A file server that is shared throughout the office and stored in your supply closet.
  • Several desktop computers throughout the office.
  • Your networking infrastructure design is unknown.

Your Task

Knowing the above information, devise several physical and logical access control security measures that could be utilized to increase the overall security posture of your small tax accounting firm at an affordable cost utilizing

List at least 5 different potential Physical Security Access Control Ideas and 5 different potential Logical Security Access Control Ideas with reasons based on our Current Physical Infrastructure and IT Infrastructure,

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