1. The organization known as Skynet has grown rapidly over the last year. Originally a Class C network of was large enough for the entire organization. Now Skynet requires approximate 1000 IP addresses. Using the existing network and a new network perform network segmentation using VLANs for the following departments. Remember to conserve IPs, but also leave some room for growth for each department. The following list shows the amount of host IPs required by department:

Executive department requires 10 host IPs

Accounting department requires 36 host IPs

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Sales department requires 64 host IPs

HR department requires 8 host IPs

R&D drones department requires 384 host IPs

R&D AI department requires 200 host IPs

R&D exoskeleton department requires 100 host IPs

WAN connection requires 2 host IPs

Which VLAN ID & network subnet (written in CIDR notation) will be used for each of the following?

    1. Executive department

    2. Accounting department

    3. Sales department

    4. HR department

    5. R&D drones department

    6. R&D AI department

    7. R&D exoskeleton department

    8. WAN connection

  1. Draw a network diagram to depict the following with VLAN ID and subnets used: (Hint: Reference Diagrams Pg. 455, 463 & 468)

    1. 4 floor building (5 counting basement)

    2. 1 router with 1 WAN interface (internet connection) and 1 LAN interface (basement)

    3. Basement needs networking for WAN connection and R&D exoskeleton department

    4. Floor 1 needs networking for sales and accounting departments

    5. Floor 2 needs networking for HR and R&D AI departments

    6. Floor 3 needs networking for R&D drones departments

    7. Floor 4 needs networking for R&D drones department and executives

    8. Identify which switch and router ports must be configured as 802.1Q trunk ports and access ports

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