Read the following Entrepreneur article, “10 Questions to Ask When Creating a Social-Media Marketing Plan” at the following link:

Select a business, either online or your own business. Respond to the questions below as it would relate to your chosen business. Each question requires a two to three sentence response which will a) answer the question and b) briefly explain your answer. You may use the responses in the article to assist in your answers, but you are expected to personalize the responses based on your chosen business. Each question is worth 3 marks.

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  1. What should my company aim to achieve with social media?
  2. Who should set up and maintain my company’s social media accounts?
  3. Should my company have a presence on all of the popular social-media networks?
  4. What are the best social networks for my business?
  5. How often will I plan to post new content on my social network how will I plan to schedule posts. Provide detail such as which program you might use (Hootsuite, PageModo, etc).
  6. Based on my chosen business, what types of content should I post on which social platforms?
  7. How will I use social media to provide customer service?
  8. How can I convert social-media followers into customers?
  9. How can I measure the success of my social-media marketing efforts?
  10. What is the biggest mistake to avoid?


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