Evana Blanca owns a construction firm that builds beautiful concrete walls with reinforced steel. Her holding costs are 25% per year. (Round your answer to the nearest whole number.)
Evana is charged $375 per delivery of steel rebar. Each rebar costs $200. She a. needs 150 rebars per week. How many rebars should she purchase from the supplier with each order?

Evana receives deliveries of 4,900 cinder blocks at a time. There is a fixed cost of $200 per cinder block delivery. She needs 375 cinder blocks per day.
b. cinder block costs $3, so she incurs holding cost of $0.75 to hold a cinder block in inventory for one year (i.e., 25% of $3).
What is Evana’s total total ordering and holding costs (5) per cinder block? per block (Round your answer to 2 decimal places.)
Evana is offered a great deal on cinder blocks. If she were to order 25,000 blocks at a time, she would receive a 20 percent discount. Say she decides to c. switch to purchasing 25,000 cinder blocks with each order so that she can take advantage of the deal. What would be her average inventory holding cost ($) per day?
Note: Do not include ordering or purchasing costs. per day

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