Select a Canadian company and evaluate it on the following HRM criteria: HRM Application Criteria: 1. Discuss the importance of valuing diversity and safety. 2. Describe the legal framework for human resource management in Canada. 3. Explain the importance of human rights and the implications for HRM.

4. Discuss privacy, employment/labor standards, and pay equity and their relevance to HRM.
5. Explain the context for workplace health and safety.
6. Identify employers’ duties and employees’ rights and responsibilities related to workplace health and safety.
7. Discuss ways employers promote worker health and safety. Critical- Thinking Criteria:
1. “Organizations that value diversity is more likely to meet their employment equity goals.” Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Why or why not?
2. On the basis of your knowledge of diverse religious practices, what types of accommodations might an employer be expected to provide. 3. Should an organization have a policy on psychological harassment even if it is not a legal requirement in their jurisdiction? Why or why not? What would an effective policy include?

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